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Dancing Fire Inc. has been in business since 1997 selling out door fire pits. We started with clay chimineas and followed the trends. The important issue is we are still in business because we are a full service business and we stay up with current designs and trends. But not only do we retail product we are also a resource of useful information.

We've always had the policy that if you need help we are here for you. You don't even need to buy anything from us. We'll help any way we can. Just give us a call or email and we'll do our best to help anyway we can. Why do we do this if there's no profit for us? Because we are dealing with FIRE. Dealing with fire in a pot or pit on your patio involves issues that require certain safety issues that need to be address and it seems resources are limited. If there is any questions regarding any issues that we can help with then by all means call us.

Since starting with the importing chimineas from Mexico we have evolved to a full service fire pit store. We install, supply and manufacture most every component needed to create the perfect fire feature. From the simple to the complex remote controlled units. We offer kits for the do-it-yourself er to complete drop in units. And again we offer free advise and drawing ideas at no charge. So if there is anything you need help with call us or email any questions or concerns.

With all of our years of experience we offer a wealth of information in how to construct fire pits. We are quite talented in multi phases of construction and code requirements. We may not know all the codes in all the different counties in the country but we have a pretty good idea what's expected. Thru the years of talking and working with numerous customers in many different parts of the country we have a pretty good idea of most codes.

For all of our internet readers we offer ourselves as free source of information. If your interested in chimineas and don't know if you want a cast iron vs. clay then we can help. Fire pits vs. chimineas? Wood burning vs. gas? What's the safest with children present? Any questions at all please let us help. Safety comes first.